What’s New with iPhone 6, iPhone 6 and, and iOS 8?




What’s New with iPhone 6, iPhone 6 and, and iOS 8?

Apple’s iPhone gets its options from a mixture of hardware and its software package. The foremost current software package is iOS eight. New options in iPhone half dozen and 6 and embody

Larger size:

each new iPhone models are larger than previous models, whereas conjointly being diluent. IPhone half dozen measure four.7″ Diagonally, whereas iPhone half dozen and measures 5.5.

Improved display:

Apple claims that the new iPhone screens have higher distinction, brighter backlights, and a feature known as twin domain pixels, that permits you to follow broader angle views of what’s on your screen. Additionally, the phones sport “ion-strengthened” plate glass. Their membrane HD show is purportedly their brightest, crispest show ever.

An A8 chip:

This second-generation 64-bit chip contains a pair of billion transistors, versus only one billion on its precursor, the A7 chip. This means that the pc process unit runs twenty-five % quicker whereas being fifty percent a lot of energy economy.

an M8 coprocessor:

This updated motion-sensing coprocessor makes it doable for your iPhone to observe and monitor knowledge that gives data concerning your motion. It expects that this capability can modify countless attention-grabbing new fitness apps.

New gestures:

thanks to the new, larger screens on iPhone half dozen and 6 and, a “reachability” gesture permits you to press the mouse button double and have the show slump, nearer to your thumb for one-handed sound. Also, edge gestures permit you to start out a gesture at the faces of the glass show to maneuver forward or backward.

Adjusted buttons:

the quantity buttons are elongated to form them easier to seek out. Additionally, the Sleep/Wake button has been affected from the highest to the face to form it easier to achieve.

Support of voice in LTE:

This feature improves the standard of calls, permitting the concurrent transmission of voice and knowledge. Improved noise reduction conjointly helps you hear what’s being aforementioned on calls.

An 8mp iSight camera:

The camera in iPhone half dozen and 6 and offers options like a real Tone Flash device that is aware of once flash is required for a shot; part Detection optical device that’s double quicker at mechanically focalization your camera; and improved stabilization.

Camera frames per second:

The camera offers video quality at 1080 pixels with thirty frames per second or sixty frames per second. The Slo-mo video feature permits you to require 240 frames per second.

Video improvements:

options, as well as medium Video Stablization, improved face detection, new sensors, and a bigger aperture, create these iPhones the simplest ever for recording.

Apple Pay:

With these new phones comes to the flexibility to pay at elite retailers mistreatment the Apple Pay feature and bit ID feature engineered into the house button.

Improved battery life:

The iPhone half dozen support up to twenty-four hours of the speaker and up to fourteen hours of video viewing. The half dozen and will provide you with as several as fourteen hours of speaking and eleven hours of video.

An iPhone device newer than the iPhone 4s will create the use of most options of iOS eight if you update the software package. So that this update to the software package adds several new options, including

Family Sharing:

This feature permits up to 6 folks to partake of purchased iTunes content on their separate devices. You’ll able to conjointly produces a Family calendar.


this idea, being promoted with iOS eight, permits you to maneuver from one iOS device to a different to select up wherever you left off employing a feature known as a football player. For instance, you would possibly begin to observe a TV program on your iPhone on the train then again devour wherever you left off viewing the moving picture on your iPad after you get home.

The Health app:

Use this new app as a health data person so all of your medical and fitness information is often held on and accessed in one place.

Improved Notification Center:

With iOS eight, you’ll be able to act with notifications from the center and access to Notification Center from the Lock screen.

Mail improvements:

In iOS eight, you’ll be able to access alternative email messages whereas composing a replacement message. While you’re prompted to feature a happening mentioned in an email to your Calendar app. Furthermore you’ll be able to conjointly flag. Mark, or delete an email by merely dragging across the screen to access those commands.

Surface for iPhone keyboard:

currently the iPhone onscreen keyboard uses prophetical technology to recommend words as you kind. Because the keyboard conjointly notes whether or not you’re typewriting an email or message and makes suggestions.

Improvements to the Photos app:

to assist you to organize your photos, in iOS eight you’ll be able to currently use iCloud to share photos with others in your iCloud photograph Library. SO that there are many improved tools for redaction photos in iOS eight.


Shazam could be a music symbol service engineered into iOS eight that permits Siri to spot songs as they play.


The Messages app has some enhancements. For instance, you’ll be able to organize messages into teams, name threads of messages, and take away folks from conversations. You’ll be able to conjointly found out a don’t Disturb feature certainly threads so you’re not interrupted by messages on those threads, and you’ll be able to record and send voice messages. Finally, you’ll be able to scan or hear messages from the Lock screen.

Siri Hands-Free:

you’ll be able to use a replacement feature to open Siri while not touching your iPhone. With this feature enabled and also the phone blocked into an influence supply, all you’ve got to try and do be saying “Hey, Siri,” and your electronic personal assistant opens, able to hear you want.

Instant hotspot:

You’ve been able to use your iPhone association to urge alternative devices on-line. With iOS 8, this personal hotspot is improved. So that near devices like a laptop currently mechanically show the iPhone as a nonobligatory network that you simply will be a part of to travel on-line.


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