What is the Best Way to Clean Windows?


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What is the best way to clean windows?

It’s exceptional what a difference easy home windows can make for your home. Not simplest do they look a thousand times better; cleaning them can permit in an incredibly greater light, although they were handiest slightly grimy.

But before you clutch your trusty rag and bottle of window-cleaning product, why not seek advice from the pros approximately the quality window cleaning solution? We’ll take you via the manner and tell you what you ought to – and shouldn’t – do to gain the ultimate clarity.

What you’ll need

  • The basics
  • A bucket
  • An antique towel
  • Some washing-up liquid
  • A sponge or window washer
  • A squeegee
  • Several clean, dry microfiber cloths
  • Alternatives
  • Vinegar
  • A lemon
  • Newspaper

Get prepared

Get your bucket and fill it with heat water, then add a few drops (about a tablespoonful) of washing-up liquid. What you don’t need right here is bubbles inside the bucket. If you placed too much detergent in and also you create a foam, begin again – cleaning soap equals streaks.“   1              `

One notice of caution: we wouldn’t suggest washing your upstairs windows, no matter how comfortable you are on a ladder. Remember you’ll be sloshing water around and except you know what you’re doing, it could quickly emerge as dangerous. Get a window cleansing professional in – even if they’re simplest doing the upstairs.

Wash the window frames

Now you’re geared up to clean the frames. It’s pleasant to begin out of doors, in which spillages and dribbles won’t matter.

Dip your sponge in, deliver it a mild squeeze, and wipe around the frames. If it’s your first time for an at the same time as, you’ll likely need to rub hard, however as with all cleansing, start light and press tougher if the dust isn’t lifting off. (it’ll be easier subsequent time.)

Get one of your dry cloths and wipe extra water off the body.

Wash the window panes

Now dip your sponge into the water again, carry it out and supply it a surely true squeeze. You want your sponge to be barely damp, not dripping moist. If you’re the use of a window washer (a t-formed contraption with a sponge bar and a handle), dip it into the bucket, bring it out and squeeze excess water off it using jogging your finger and thumb alongside its length.

Now you may set approximately wetting the pane. Most of the time, you’ll handiest need a mild wash over the whole pane. You’ll simplest want to begin rubbing harder if there are cussed marks on there. Tree sap is especially tough, so in case your window is underneath a tree or shrub, you would possibly want to apply a light scourer or something slightly extra abrasive than a sponge, for example, a cloth – nothing too scratchy, though.

Rinse with a squeegee

Now comes the most crucial element – putting off the water. You can’t call your windows clean till this element is over because they’re coated in dirty water. If you let the water evaporate, the dirt will remain, best now it’ll be mixed with sticky soap.

Here’s the professional touch:

wrap a dry material over one finger and drag it from top to the bottom proper down one edge, so you have a dry line of approximately 1 cm (half an inch) touching the body. This is due to the fact the squeegee won’t pretty suit inside the attitude among the body and the pane. If you’re proper-handed, dry the left edge; otherwise, do the opposite.

Now, beginning at the pinnacle left (assuming you’re proper-handed), location the dry squeegee vertically at the window touching the left frame and pull it to the right. When you reach the alternative side, do a rotating movement with the edge of the squeegee pressed in opposition to the proper frame, so it finally ends up horizontal, level with the bottom of the dry area.

Now – very vital – dry the squeegee with a cloth.

Repeat the step above, barely overlapping the last sweep, and hold doing it until you reach the bottom. Remember to dry the squeegee between sweeps.

Finally, you should be left with a bit of a puddle at the lowest of the frame. Flick off any excess with the squeegee and dry any remnants with a clean fabric. You should be able to get approximately 6–8 home windows out of cloth before switching to a brand new easy one.

You shouldn’t need to dry the pane with a towel or cloth after squeegeeing. Any small moist patches will evaporate.


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