The Utility Folder Seems Solely on iPhones with iOS Four Pre Canceled



The Utility folder seems solely on iPhones with iOS four pre canceled. iPhones that upgrade to iOS four don’t have a Utility folder.


Access the iTunes Store, wherever you’ll be able to browse, preview, and get the songs, albums, movies, and more.

App Store:

connect with and search the iTunes App Store for iPhone apps you’ll be able to purchase or transfer at no cost over a Wi-Fi or cellular knowledge network association.


change your iPhone’s settings.


Use the iPhone as a phone. What a concept!


Send and receive e-mail from exploitation most POP3 and IMAP e-mail systems and, if you’re employed for an organization that grants permission, iOS Four Pre Canceled, Microsoft Exchange accounts, too.


expedition is your application.


This icon unleashes all the facility of a video iPod right your phone.


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