Extension material alternatives




Extension material alternatives

If you need your extension to seem like it’s constantly been part of the building, then you need to select materials that are near what was used at the original residence.

If that’s now not viable or you need your extension to face out greater, it’s higher to head for an eye-catching, contrasting layout which can virtually frequently pass down better with planning departments.

Cladding materials you could pick out from consist of metal including zinc or corrugated steel, timber, brick render, or stone or opt for a combination with big expanses of glass to growth light levels.

Roof lights

Another manner of increasing mild is to encompass roof lighting which forestalls the extension and other rooms from being dark. This creative extension cleverly makes use of strips of glazing for maximum daylight.

Whatever sort of extension you are considering, from a basement to the rooftop and the entirety else in between, you can add a fee to your home and improve your living area.


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