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Editing and proofreading tips

Editing and proofreading tips

Make sure you edit the important stuff first and then work on the small stuff.

Do not edit sentences or check spellings at the beginning of editing. These micro-elements of your writing should only be reviewed after you have dealt with the bigger stuff. The big stuff could be plot, character, argument, or order edit bank statement online free.

You don’t have to worry about misspellings if you could end up deleting the entire paragraph or rephrasing the text completely.

Endnotes and footnotes in academic writing require love, too

In academic papers, like a thesis, the footnotes and endnotes get shunted off to the bottom of the page or the end of the paper. Do they get read?

Although it is unlikely that even the most dedicated scholars care, it is enough to ensure they are correct. They can be difficult to proofread due to the small font size (9 or 10 points). You might consider increasing the font size to proofread them edit bank statement online free
, then converting them back to 9-10 point.

To review the elements, keep a list of items.

These are a lot of tips and you will forget many of them as you edit. It’s crucial to have a checklist of elements that you need to review. As you complete each element, add a checkmark next to it. This creates a sentence that is full of accomplishment.

Complete justification is disabled

Editing and proofreading should be done without full justification. This will cause text to push up against the right margin. Full justification means that you won’t be able to see any extra spaces (which you should delete).

You don’t view the lines as distinct entities with unique lengths. This affects your editing vision.

When proofreading, use a ruler

Sometimes our eyes lose track of the page and can see other sentences. It’s important to use a ruler when editing. You’ll be able to focus perfectly on the words you are editing by placing the ruler under the sentence

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