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Does Your Paper have An Applicable Introduction And Conclusion?

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Overall structure

Does your paper have an applicable introduction and conclusion? Is your thesis clearly expressed in your introduction? Is it clear however every paragraph within the body of your paper is said to your thesis? Are the paragraphs organized in a very logical sequence? Have you ever created clear transitions between paragraphs? A technique to examine the structure of your paper is to form a reverse define of the paper when you’ve got written the primary draft.

Structure among paragraphs

Does every paragraph have a transparent topic sentence? Will each paragraph follow one main idea? Are there any extraneous or missing sentences in any of your paragraphs?


Have you outlined any vital terms which may be unclear to your scanner? Is that the means of every sentence clear? (one thanks to answering this question is to read your paper one sentence at a time, beginning at the tip and dealing backward in order that you may not unconsciously fill in content from previous sentences.) Is it clear what every closed-class word (he, she, it, they, which, who, this, etc.) Refers to? Have you ever chosen the right words to specific your ideas? Avoid exploitation words you discover within the thesaurus that aren’t a part of your traditional vocabulary; you will misuse them.


Have you used an applicable tone (formal, informal, persuasive, etc.)? Is your use of gendered language (masculine and female pronouns like “he” or “she,” words like “fireman” that contain “man,” and words that some individuals incorrectly assume apply to only 1 gender—for example, some individuals assume “nurse” should check with a woman) appropriate? Have you ever varied the length and structure of your sentences? Does one tend to use the voice too often? Will your writing contain a lot of spare phrases like “there is,” “there are,” “due to the actual fact that,” etc.? Does one repeat a strong word (for example, a vivid main verb) unnecessarily?


Have you suitably cited quotes, paraphrases, and concepts you bought from sources? Are your citations within the correct format?

As you edit in the least of those levels, you may sometimes create vital revisions to the content and formulation of your paper. Keep an eye fixed out for patterns of error; knowing what forms of issues you tend to own are useful, particularly if you’re writing an over sized document sort of a thesis or treatise. Once you’ve got known a pattern, you’ll develop techniques for recognizing and correcting future instances of that pattern. As an example, if you notice that you simply usually discuss many distinct topics in every paragraph, you’ll bear your paper and underline the keywords in every paragraph, then break the paragraphs up in order that each focuses on just one main plan.

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