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Editing Bank StatementsEditing Bank StatementsEditing Bank Statements

Connected with A Proofreader/Copy-editor You’ll Fill out A Request for Service

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Connected with a proofreader/copy-editor you’ll fill out a request for Service.

 Request Service:

Works to attach shoppers with service suppliers. Because if you’ve interested in procuring the services of an editor, please follow the subsequent steps:

Read the kinds of service offered and judge upon which sort of service is best for you.

Fill out missive of invitation for Service type. Therefore this can inform that you simply have an interest in commission.

While if you’re a Grad Student: ensure you have got permission from the college member overseeing this document. A lot of data is accessible underneath vital data.

Check your email to be contacted by a worker who can offer you a contract and who will begin the service interaction.

The member should send an email from his/her email address containing the subsequent information:

  • The name of the graduate student requesting service,
  • The title/nature of the document,
  • And an announcement of permission to edit this document.

Finally, guarantees the work of all offered services. So if the client has sad with the amount of service, and also the quality of the provided services has found to be lacking. Therefore it can provide a repeat of the requested services by a replacement supplier at no extra charge.

At present, undergraduates don’t have access to the current service.

Offers a variety of services in several tiers of rating and come back. Before beginning any services the supplier can contact the client so as to agree upon specific components of service, most hour limits, and to hide any queries given by either party. Whereas specific components and problems inside tiers of service are negotiable, the parameters of the various services provided, also because the listed costs, are non-negotiable.

No service is provided until a contract has submitted. Data on method-of-payment choices have discharged shortly.


For theses and dissertations

To check-in for Formatting: submit a request for Service.


Correcting orthography, grammar, and punctuation, and also eliminating typos

To check-in for Proofreading: submit a request for Service.


For clarity, concision, consistency, readability, and educational word alternative, tone, and style

To check-in for copy-editing: submit a request for Service.

Structural/Conceptual editing

Reorganizing paragraphs, sections, or the whole document for improved logic, flow, and stress, and for length

To check-in for Structural/Conceptual Editing: submit a request for Service.

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