Editing Bank StatementsEditing Bank StatementsEditing Bank Statements
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Editing Bank StatementsEditing Bank StatementsEditing Bank Statements

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Bank Statement is a recapitulation of the account details of an account holder that how much you have spent over a billing period. Because you can ask for bank statement from a bank or you can receive it monthly or annually . Sometimes, you keep some documents as a trash in your drawer as in you do not bother to keep them at safer place or to keep the record. Thus , in order to face no problems in future , start pondering over few documents that can save you from disastrous repercussions. Bank statement is one of those documents.

What is the Purpose of Bank Statement?

A business bank statement can have many purposes within your business. There isn’t a single purpose of a bank statement.

Uncashed checks

You can use a business bank statement to keep track of uncashed checks. So that you can see if checks you wrote have been cashed or if you still need funds to cover them. Threrefore you might do this by comparing your bank statement to your check register.

Tax returns

You can use your bank statements as supporting documents for business tax forms. While you can reference your statements to be sure you are reporting your taxes correctly. If you are audited, you can use the bank statements as proof that your tax returns are accurate.

Business loans

When you apply for a business loan, you might have to show your bank statements to the lender. The lender will review the statements to help determine if you are a good fit for a loan.

Business budgeting

When you go over your bank statements, some spending habits might jump out. Because you might realize you are spending a lot of money at certain places. Or  you might discover an overlooked source of steady income. So creating a business budget is easier when you estimate your future transactions based on your past transactions.

Errors  and unauthorized transactions

By reviewing your business bank statements, you can find errors and unauthorized transactions. These might be reporting mistakes, or someone might have stolen your credit card. By regularly looking for discrepancies, you can report them faster and hopefully get your money back.

Bank statement reconciliation

You can use your bank statement to make sure your accounting books are accurate. This has called reconciling bank accounts. You compare the entries between the two and look for inconsistencies.

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